Troop 730 Rechartering for 2017

October 2016 is Re-chartering Month (all forms and payment due NO LATER than October 25th. Forms needed are available at the links to the right of this page.

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The annual Fee is $175 for scouts, $150 for brothers (second scout in same family) To encourage parents to register with the BSA (and complete Youth Protection Training) there is no registration charge for adults registering for 2017.

A major change this year is BOTH parents of each scout must complete the Youth Protection Training (YPT) course and include the certificate (print after taking course) with your scout's registration form and payment. One parent mush register with BSA as an adult. New medical forms are only required this year if your insurance has changed or there has been changes in your son's health condition (allergies, etc) from last year. If you do need to submit a new health form, please submit 10 copies to Mrs. Thomas (for our emergency red books).

The registration fees for 2017 have increased due to increases in BSA and council fees, and troop costs for maintaining the Troop 730 portal. Troop 730 charges an annual fee for rechartering that includes dues, camping fees and registration fees. Other troops charge less for registration, but have additional camping fees or collect dues each week at meetings.

The only additional fees typically charged during the year are special activity costs (White water rafting, Indoor Climbing, Civil War Reenactment), food costs for outings, and Summer Camp fees.

The annual re-registration of current scouts and adult leaders is called "re-chartering" by the Boy Scouts of America. To save time and processing of paperwork, rechartering of each entire troop is completed together, at the same time, electronically with the BSA. If you are currently registered in our troop, you can recharter/re-register by completing the (relatively simple) Troop 730 re-registration form . The BSA and our Council offer money-saving incentives and rewards for timely re-chartering. Unfortunately, each year, we tend to have a few "stragglers" that hold up the process for the entire troop, and we risk losing points and discounts on rank patches. Re-registration forms and fees are due October 25th 2016. After this date, a $20 late fee will be assessed and those scouts or leaders who fail to submit their form may be dropped from the troop and the BSA.

Adults and scouts who fail to re-register and are dropped by the BSA will need to complete the full new member form. However, scouts who are dropped may lose their rank and standing, earned merit badges, or be subject to additional requirements as a new registrant.

lf you have any questions or concerns, PLEASE CONTACT Mrs. Lisa Thomas at

Currently registered adults should complete re-chartering NOW and complete Youth Protection Training (YPT). YPT must now be completed every year. Adults who register but fail to complete YPT will not be re-registered, and will need to fill out the BSA application as a new applicant.

Make registration checks payable to: TROOP 730