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Non-official BSA, Golden Eagle, or Troop 730 resources that are nonetheless helpful on your Trail to Eagle

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Useful Trail to Eagle Links

National Eagle Association

Information about the National Eagle Scout Association, including a section for NESA members.

Eagle Project Planning Guide

If you are beginning the planning for your Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project, this guide is for you. Other web sites may give you project ideas, but this guide tells you HOW TO PLAN the project, write up the proposal, carry out the work, and prepare the final report. This unofficial resource is provided by Troop 389, Arlington, TX.

Soar with the Eagles

Another unofficial guide, Soar with Eagles was written as a generalized guide, suitable for use by any council, for getting started on your Eagle project. Make sure that you consult with your advisor and review this document for specific requirements and guidelines set forth by our Golden Eagle District Advancement Commitee.


Whether you are a Boy Scout looking for practical resources for yourself, a parent who is supporting your very own Eagle Scout candidate, or a Scouter helping one boy or assisting hundreds, you'll find tools that will empower you and help you do your best!

Eagle Congratulation Letters

Sample letters and suggestions when sending letters to community leaders, etc.

Eagle Scout Resources

An independent website devoted to everything Eagle - Projects, Board of Review preparation, Eagle ceremonies (Court of Honor), Scholarships, and more!
Court of Honor Planning

The Finale - Eagle Court of Honor

Ideas, Tips and scripts for a "world class" Eagle Court of Honor

Eagle Scout Invitations and Commentations

Lists and suggestions on who to contact and samples 

Eagle Court of Honor "Backdater" Tool

This unique interactive tool allows you to set up a realistic schedule for your Court of Honor based on typical time to complete various important tasks

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