Summer Camp 2016
Camp Kern


Huntington Lake, CA - Operated by BSA Southern Sierra Council

Camp Dates - July 31st - August 6th 2016  

The 2016 Resource Guide contains program information and useful facility details about Camp Kern.

   Posted by Mr. Ken Hill

All Camp Payments Due IN FULL April 5!

All Summer  Camp fees are due on April 5th.  We have about 6-7 boys on the wait list ready to pay the full amount if an opening comes up due to dropping off or non payment.  We have to pay the last camp payment for  all 50 scouts and adults by April 15th or be charged a late fee of $30 per camper. This will seriously drain the Troop funds  for other troop functions in the future.  If you need to know what your summer camp balance is please contact Mr. Hill at as soon as possible.  If this time frame of payment is going to be an issue then contact Mr. Hentges ASAP.

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   Posted by Mr. Ken Hill

The March camp payment of $150 is now overdue!

Thank you to all those parents that have kept up to date on monthly payments or paid up all fees.


This week is a regular troop meeting. Next week will be a committee meeting which I will also attend and be available to take camp payments. I will be inside the hallway at the table tonight to take any or all payments for camp.


We have 22 new WEBLOS coming in and some have already taken spots on the camp list.  We have space for 10 more scouts at this time and then we will have to ask the camp for more open spots at a higher cost to the troop, if there are any left.  Please see me tonight or email me ASAP. All current scouts  and adults on the camp list will have to make the final payment for camp by the first two weeks of April so we can send the last installment for camp on April 15th without a penalty. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. If there is a financial issue please see Mr. Hentges ASAP. If you need to know the balance of your camp cost please contact Mr. Hill or Mr. Hentges and we will be glad to let you know. 


Adults - we now need part  or all of the $200 camp cost for you. 


Camp forms should be turned in now so we can process all the paperwork. Remember Part C of the Medical forms is a doctor signed  document. 


If you need more forms I have some extras. Medical and camp permission forms can be downloaded from the Troop Website (links are to the right on this page)

Ken Hill 
Camp Guy #2



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   Posted by Mr. Ken Hill



THE CAMP PAYMENT SCHEDULE IS IN THE CAMP PACKET. If you have a concern, please see Mr. Hentges ASAP.


The $100 February camp payment is now due. If you did not make your January payment of $100 last month, (Check with Mr. Hill at the next troop meeting or email, your February payment needs to cover the two months or any months not paid up. Payments for camp can be from the Scout account, cash, check any combination of these three. Check with Mr. Hentges for scout account balances.


If you informed Mr. Hill of a December or early January interest in camp for your scout, but have not paid the deposit($100), January ($100) or the February ($100) you need to confirm that your scout is still going, ASAP by the end of this month and then catch up. If you are still unsure of your sons attendance at summer camp, I will put your scouts name on the standby list until you have made a firm commitment. When monthly payments are not kept up to date, payments to The Sequoia BSA Council must be made up by taking money from the general operating fund for the troop and that it impacts the finances for other troop functions.


We have already dropped our 60 original reservations for scouts down to 50. We need to confine our monthly camp payments to cover only the numbers for those actually going to camp so that we only pay for the amount of scouts and leaders attending. . We have to allow camping spots for the new scouts to attend as a priority. We can usually add to the Camp Roster without penalty up to the end of March.


Parents!!! Look in your Camp Packet. If you do not have one see Mr. Hill. Any permission forms ready can be turned in to Mr. Hill, Mr. Reyes or Mr. Hentges as soon as you have them signed. The sooner the better! We have to separate them and make 3 copies each for the camp and attending troop leader. The merit badge choices we need by April. I do not have an entry date as of yet to input them on the camp merit badge classes. All three Medical forms A,B & C need to be completed and turned in by June 30th.


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   Posted by Mr. Ken Hill

Our Tuesday, January 5th, troop meeting is this week. The first camp payment is due to Mr. Hill at that time. We have our first troop camp payment due to the camp at the end of the month. The amount due is $100 for those who have already paid their deposits. We have 23 confirmed scouts for camp with deposits made. We have 8 scouts asking to be marked down for camp but have not paid their deposits. They are not included in the confirmed scout numbers on the Camp Roster.


Those still wishing to sign up for camp will need to pay the $100 deposit + the $100 first payment for a total of $200 due. The adults will be asked to pay later on as we get closer to camp time. If your scout would like to attend camp but money is an issue so close after Christmas please come and talk to Mr. Hentges. Camp packets will be given to those who turn in a deposit.


The troop will be charged for 60 camp spots for scouts + 10 adults at the end of January. We only have 23 campers signed up of the 60 spots which may require us to lower the number of camp reservations to 40-50 scouts. We need to have a firm number by the end of January so we can make a numbers change for the camp. We will adjust down the total number of camper reservations beginning in February. Once we lose a spot we may not be able to get it back later on closer to camp time. We also have to allow spaces for the incoming WEBELOS.


Make your camp payments to Mr. Hill unless he is unavailable at a troop meeting, then give to Mr. Hentges. Please contact Ken Hill at to let him know if you are interested in camp ASAP.


Ken Hill  

Posted by Mr. Charlie Hentges

Camp Kern is confirmed as our Summer Camp location for Summer of 2016. Registration and payment details will be provided in December. Stay Tuned!

Charlie Hentges


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