Summer Camp 2014
Camp Chawanakee!

Camp Dates - July 27th - August 2nd (Chawanakee Week #8)  
  • Leaving Mc Donalds 7:30 AM Sunday July 27 by car (Drivers Needed)
  • Returning Mc Donalds by 5:00 PM Saturday August 2nd
  • Links to Forms will be available to your right (on this page)

    Photos of Troop 730 at Camp Chawanakee Summer 2010

    Posted by Mr. Charlie Hentges

    The Troop Committee has decided that we do not need to charter a bus to Camp Chawankee. Originally we thought we'd have 50 boys and 10 adults going to camp this year; one adult to five scout ratio. Because of Philmont and scheduling conflicts, we now have 33 boys and 13 adults, or one adult to 2.2 boys. The bus cost per scout has almost doubled. Now that we have fewer boys per adult and about half the adults who are attending camp are also able to drive, it's much better if we drive the boys. We will need about five additional drivers in addition to those adults attending camp. We'll reimburse all the fuel expenses for those who drive and take additional scouts. Because of this change we will be able to reduce the cost to the boys by $50 and each adult by $25 and save the troop the $1,000 that we were going to need to subsidize the bus expense. If any adult would like to volunteer to drive either to camp, from camp, or both ways; let me know.

    Charlie Hentges

    Posted by Mr. Ken Hill

    Some classes have already reached their maximum number and new names are going on a waitlist. The following classes are now waitlisted:

    Archery - Period 1
    COPE - Periods 3 & 4
    Motorboating - Period 1
    Motorboating - Period 2
    Kayaking - Period 2
    Kayaking - Period 3
    Swimming - Period 4
    Small Boat Sailing - Period 3 & 4
    Welding - Period 4

    The following scouts have not turned in merit badge choices. There is no meeting this week to turn in merit badge choices. Email me directly this week so I can get you enrolled. Pay attention to the waitlist choices above!

    Dennis Peng
    Diego Reyes
    Simon Shan
    Jacob Smith
    Joshua Smith
    Brandon Tang
    Andrew Unfried
    Jason Woo
    Eric Xiang
    Aydan Yamamoto

    My email is

    Posted by Mr. Ken Hill


    Merit Badge choices are offered on a first come basis at camp.  Classes are limited in size.  There may be a chance to switch at camp, but don't on count it. The quicker Mr. Hill gets your MB choices and alternates, the sooner he can organize the lists to be inputed to the camp after March 20.  We need the scouts MB Choices by the Troop Meeting on March 11.  When looking over the Merit Badge list , there may be a cost, pre-requisites and age limits.  Take note of those items when making your choices.   Age limits for merit badges will not be waived per the camp. Pre-requisites must be completed prior to attendance, or the merit badge may not be earned at camp. Buy merit badge books from the scout shop or borrow them from the troop library.  Make sure you get the book with the current requirements.   We can start to upload your choices to the camp after March 20.  If you have any questions contact Mr. Hill by email or at a troop meeting.

    Posted by Mr. Ken Hill


    Adult Leader Opportunities There will be opportunities at camp for our adults and leaders to advance their skills. They are listed on the Merit Badge list, pages 27-28. Mr. Hill will need the adult choices by March 11 also, so he can input them on March 20. The following items are taken off the MB List.

    1. COPE Adult - A fun activity for adult free time.

    2. Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills - This is recommended for all adult leaders who want to take an active leadership role in the troop.

    3. Leave No Trace - Recommended for hiking.

    4. Safe Swim Defense - Recommended for all adults who go on outings where water is involved.

    5. Safety Afloat - Recommended for all adults who go on outings where water is involved.

    6. Trek Safely - Recommended for all adults who may take our scouts on short and long treks especially High Adventure activities.

    Posted by Mr. Charlie Hentges

    Camp Chawanakee is the best mountain camp that we attend. It's located on Shaver Lake in the Sequoia National Park north of Fresno. It has a Great Lake, Wonderful Water programs, Cool camp sites and a very good selection of merit badges and Trail to First Class. The staff is professional and fun.

    It’s a good five hour drive, so we charter a bus. The cost of the camp includes bus fare. The troop picks up the drivers tip and other basic expenses. The dates are: July 27 to Aug 2nd. The total cost for each scout will be $495. Those families with more than one boy the cost is $470 per boy. Adults cost for the full week is $225.

    There will be three payments of $165 each due on: Jan 8th, March 4th, and June 17th.

    Cancellations: full refund is available until March 15th 2014 $20 charge between March 15th and June 17th. No refund after June 17th except for medical reasons or if we can fill the spot.

    No transportation charge to adults, but we may need some adult leaders to drive. The troop will reimburse fuel expenses to adult leaders who we need to drive. If parents want to drive up to see the camp it’s at their own expense even if they drive their boy(s). All boys pay the same rate even if they ride in a car.