Eagle Advancement Forms
Life to Eagle Required Resources

Note - on January 1, 2016 new changes in BSA requirements for Eagle rank take effect. Our leaders are reviewing these changes and some of the forms below will require minor updates.

Important Information about fillable forms below!

The Official BSA Eagle Application and Project Workbook files provided below use advanced proprietary features that only work using Genuine Adobe Reader version 9 or later (free) installed on your computer. (Adobe Reader is the new name for Adobe Acrobat) Browser plugins including Google Chrome, Firefox, Android, etc will NOT WORK even if they open up. Because Adobe is resource intensive, most browers use internal PDF readers to enhance load time, but lack the advanced features these forms utilize . This means clicking on the links below will likely NOT open them up in the "real" Adobe Reader on a PC or Mac. It is important you have the ability to fully edit/update your file because you will likely be asked to edit, add, or change information many times throughout the ongoing Eagle process. Likerwise, third party utilities touted on the internet claiming to allow saving data in forms do not work reliably or at all with these Eagle forms. This is not an issue with our site or a defect with the files but a limitation imposed by Adobe and the newest tools used by the BSA during creation. You will save a lot of time and frustration by following these instructions and installing and using Adobe Reader which can be downloaded here. If you do not see the message "You san save data typed into this form" you did not open the file in a full version of Adobe PDF Reader.


Official BSA Forms

pdf Eagle Candidate Application

pdf 2015 Project Workbook

Read and follow advice above. You may also download the latest from the official BSA website here For Mac click here

pdf BSA Guide to Advancement

pdf BSA Fundraising Form


Golden Eagle District Forms and Documents


pdf  Latest 2014 GE District Guidelines

pdf  District Life to Eagle Document

pdf  District Eagle Notebook Instructions

pdf  District Eagle Project Suggestions

pdf  Life to Eagle Seminar PowerPoint
pdf  Life to Eagle Seminar PDF Version

Troop 730 Forms and Documents

pdfPre-scoutmaster conference checklist

pdfPre-HBongolan meeting checklist

More forms are to be posted here as this new page is a work in progress. Please check back often. Report any issues to the Webmaster.